November 18, 2017

Stanley McChrystal: Blurring the Lines between Leadership and Followership

[ Volume XII, Issue 1 ] In this issue of The Beacon we challenge your assumptions on leadership and followership. We challenge the notion that leaders and leadership are always the most valuable part of the equation, and that followers and followership are always less valuable. We contend that every organization needs good leaders and […]

The US Federal Government (Again): The Very Definition of a Modern Major Mess

[ Volume XI, Issue 2 ] Earlier this year, along with the last issue of The Beacon, we wrote an In the Spotlight piece about the political dysfunction in Washington, DC. The original Spotlight is posted here. The latest issue of The Beacon continues our discussion of 21st century leadership challenges. The theme of these […]

The US Federal Government: The Very Definition of a Modern Major Mess

[ Volume XI, Issue 1 ] In this issue of The Beacon, we begin a yearlong discussion of the undeniable challenges of team building in the 21st century. And in this issue of In the Spotlight, we look at the easiest and best example of some of these team building challenges, which sits collectively in […]

SoundWaves – November Audio Blog

Communication and Leadership Lessons from the 2012 Presidential Debates – October 2012 Every four years, the Presidential debates offer a rare opportunity to hear and see our national leaders, and aspiring leaders, communicate with each other on a big stage. Looking beyond the political rhetoric, there are lessons to be learned that can be applied […]

The Fingerprints of US Olympic Sailing Team

[ Volume X, Issue 2 ] In the main Beacon article this month, I write about the concept of “fingerprints,” which is a topic we integrate into our work all the time at The Latimer Group. Every group, team or organization needs to be thinking about what they will leave behind after their work is […]

The US Olympic Sailing Team and the Hard Look in the Mirror

[Volume X, Issue 1] I’m sitting at the airport on my way back from the USOC Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, where I’ve just spent the last four days with the US Olympic Sailing Team. We were out here for a physical training camp, working out, checking in on the team’s fitness levels and […]

Holiday Thanks from The Latimer Group

[Volume IX, Issue 4] I’m writing this in the predawn half light and quiet of a cold New England fall morning. It’s time again to look back and reflect on the concluding year and offer thanks for our successes and joys. It’s also an opportunity to look ahead to the coming year and consider the […]

The Man Who Got the Job Done (Barely)

[ Volume IX, Issue 3 ] In this month’s issue of The Beacon, we introduce four more personality archetypes: The Survivalists. These four types share the DNA of being able to just scrape by, avoiding not only their share of the organizational workload but also responsibility for the outcome. They’re able to stay alive by […]

Phil Jackson: The Master of Ego Management

[ Volume IX, Issue 2 ] Sometimes something newsworthy happens that coincides beautifully with something I’m writing for the clients and friends of The Latimer Group. This is one of those times. It is early May, and I’m writing this sitting on an airplane over Australia. And as of this moment, Los Angeles Lakers coach […]

The Nightmare Teammate

[Volume IX, Issue 1] We’ve all been on teams with high-maintenance, “problem” teammates. And most of us have probably, at one time or another, even been that problem teammate. Managing a range of personality types is, without question, one of the biggest and most common challenges of leadership today. Indeed, teams themselves require a delicate […]